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Access the website performance data you need to make the right decisions today. TrafficHounds is a powerful analytics system that integrates seamlessly and requires no setup or training. Simply plug TrafficHounds into your site and receive the stats you want in real-time.
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Our marketing team loves the data that TrafficHounds delivers. The interface shows us exactly the data we need, 
and we love to tell our customers and visitors that their data is safe and secure.  ~ Adam M. NewYork

Simple Intuitive Dashboard

TrafficHounds makes analysis easier than ever before. Your TrafficHounds dashboard shows you every piece of data you need in an easy-to-read format. See your top pages, sources, goals and more in real-time, helping you monitor, analyze and react quickly to new opportunities.

Data In Real-time

The world never stops - so your data shouldn’t either. TrafficHounds constantly updates your analytics data in real-time. See your most important data the moment it arrives, and make the best decisions faster.  


TrafficHounds has been designed with enterprise-level architecture. Every tracking code is designed to handle millions of pageviews without reducing site performance. TrafficHounds tracking code will integrate seamlessly with your site - helping you see top stats without slowing you down.

Data Privacy

It is more important than ever to protect your site visitors from data leaks and malicious activity, and out of the prying eyes of companies that want to collect and monetize user data for advertising.
With TrafficHounds, you can assure your site visitors that their data is not stored and is safe with the latest in data protections. Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy Regulation, TrafficHounds only uses anonymized data for metrics.

Daily Email Reports 

Stay ahead of the game with daily key metrics. TrafficHounds will compile and deliver your latest statistics directly to your inbox first thing every morning.

No Setup Required

Best of all, TrafficHounds requires no setup. Simply install TrafficHounds on your website and watch as high-quality data starts flowing straight to the dashboard. No setup required.

Dedicated to Data Privacy

TrafficHounds protects all your data.

In today’s world of big tech companies, data is being used improperly every day to make money.
Not here. At TrafficHounds, we are passionate about providing web analytics for our paying customers. No data gathering, no reselling, no fuss. No kidding.

GDPR & CCPA compliant

TrafficHounds is held to the highest standards when it comes to user privacy. We do not collect any personal data about your visitors, and are compliant with the latest data privacy acts across the globe.

Why not use Google Analytics?

While online data tracking provides plenty of great information for helping you build a better site and boost your effectiveness, it has been abused by big-tech companies for years. Companies such as Google utilize analytic data to cash in on resale value.

In essence - your site’s data is being tracked and taken to earn revenue that you will never see. How do they get away with this? By making their analytics tracking free!
Using big-tech data systems such as Google Analytics can put your brand’s reputation at risk. Loss of consumer trust and the risk of data compromise can be far more costly than the benefit of any free software.
Don't risk your company’s success on the risk of free big-tech “solutions''. With TrafficHounds, you will know exactly how your data is being used to monitor your site, and the protections that are in place to keep your visitors and customers safe online.

Switch to TrafficHounds - the best Google analytics alternative. Discover how data can be used to boost your business in a way that is safe and respectable.
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Data Privacy: Why Google Analytics Isn’t Free

When it comes to “free” analytics software such as Google Analytics, you get far more than what you don’t pay for. With Google Analytics, your data is being captured and stored by Google for their own purposes. While you may receive a report on your site’s activity and performance, Google is making far more money than you may expect. This is why their service is free of charge.

At TrafficHounds, we believe in fair exchange and data protection. In fact, we are relentless in our pursuit to provide clients with the best product. To accomplish this, we charge a fair fee for the purchase of our software. Our business never makes money from data - we are supported by our faithful clients who love our product!

TrafficHounds customers agree: it’s worth paying a small fee for the confidence that your data is safe, private, and protected.

Common Questions

How Is Data Protected?
Site analytics should track data for that purpose alone - analytics. When a visitor stops by your site to check out your brand, they should be able to browse in peace knowing that their personal information is not being stored by the website. TrafficHounds anonymizes all page visitor data, helping increase visitor protection while providing you with the data you need.

Think of it like watching cars pass by your home from the window. You can see the amount of traffic, but you don’t need to know who is driving the car! TrafficHounds provides the high-quality analytics you need without the risk.
Why Does TrafficHounds Charge For Analytics?
In the world of big-tech, data is currency. This is why analytics services such as Google Analytics don’t charge users for access to their reporting services. The money it takes to run analytics is made by capturing and monetizing user data through advertising. This means that money is being made from the data of billions everyday - without anyone seeing a dime!

At TrafficHounds, we believe that analytics software should be paid for because it is a product, not a means to make money behind the scenes. We are not a data seller - we are a software engineering company. For a simple cost, you can enjoy unparalleled services that keep your data safe from prying, greedy eyes.
Is TrafficHounds Hard To Install?
We believe that all website owners should have access to real-time analytics in a way that works for them. To make it easier than ever for users to reach their goals, we have built TrafficHounds to deliver real-time insights to you in a user-friendly way. Our intuitive dashboard and daily analytics email will keep you in the know about your site’s performance without the hassle.

To make it even easier, we’ve designed TrafficHounds to integrate seamlessly into your system with a fast installation. No user guides to read, nothing to learn - just fast and accurate analytics within minutes!